04/17/2013 11:46pm

Knowing how things work...

My favorite saying is "Based on the knowledge that I had at the time I made my decision, I have no regrets."

Did you ever ask yourself after you made a decision if you would have been better off having more knowledge? Thinking about how the outcome would have been different or better? The following is a list of where to obtain information to become knowledgeable.
1.Some of knowledge is knowing where to find it.
3.Ask lots of questions
4.Have an understanding of the subject so you can ask the right questions
5.The Internet search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc. to read information which can also lead to other resources.
6.The Library has plenty of reference materials and also computers you can utilize.

My philisophy is that the more you know the better you can make choices that resognate with you as an individual.

Making informed decisions will provide you with confidence.


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